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Accelerating Development of Autonomous Vehicles Through Simulation in High-Precision Real-World Environments


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dSpace and B-Design3D enter into technical partnership

Paderborn/Minneapolis, 14.02.2023.

dSPACE and B-Design3D have entered into a technical partnership to enable developers of autonomous vehicles to validate sensors and algorithms during virtual test drives in high-precision three-dimensional real-world environments, getting self-driving cars on the road faster.

As part of the collaboration, dSPACE has integrated a new, 3-D urban environment produced by B-Design3D into the latest release of AURELION, dSPACE’s solution for sensor-realistic simulation, allowing the integration of top-grade visualization and cutting-edge, realistic sensors into processes to develop and validate autonomous driving functions.

This 3-D Environment is available with the latest AURELION Release for immediate use. It allows users to exploit the latest features of AURELION including material properties for all sensor types as well as ground-truth information like semantic segmentation and bounding boxes.

The 3-D Environment created by B-Design3D was designed to be highly representative of a typical downtown city block in major metro areas. The 3-D visual database is modular and can be expanded by integrating additional city blocks. It is optimized to provide the highest level of realism, including all traffic signs and road markings on the asphalt, while still maintaining peak rendering performance. The 3-D visual database is delivered with a parallel OpenDrive layer which contains the logical description of the traffic rules, allowing for traffic simulation and advanced ADAS/AD scenario generation.

"The use of high-quality 3-D environments is mandatory for the development of ADAS and AD applications. With the integration of high-precision 3-D content from B-Design3D, we further complement AURELION's high-fidelity sensor simulation on an expanded range of possible driving scenarios all over the world," explained Caius Seiger, Product Manager Sensor Simulation at dSPACE.

“We’re incredibly excited about this collaboration with dSPACE. Our teams have worked hard to ensure the seamless integration of our 3-D Environment into AURELION”, exclaims Yoram Bentzur, CEO of B-Design3D. “We welcome the opportunity to contribute to the growing AURELION user community through the provision of additional, fully compatible 3-D environments for any location on Earth.”

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