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B-Design3D has been providing highly realistic 3D interactive and geographic visual databases for real-time rendering systems for the past 25 years. Our 3D content creation services are supplied to leading companies and government organizations mainly in the Modeling, Training and Simulation industry, as well as for C4ISR command-and-control systems in the developing security and HomeLand Security industries. We have a proven record of expert design and creation of interactive 3D visual databases of all sizes, all formats, and all resolutions that are used in countless locations around the world. Our team is composed of efficient, independent, and professional 3D graphic artists who are passionately enthusiastic about creating superb 3D content for real-time applications. 

Our visual databases are integrated into countless worldwide systems, applications, and simulators in the following fields and industries.


• Urban Environments 

• Flight simulators

• Ground forces training

• Driving simulation

• Maritime simulation 

• Mining training 

• Building interiors

• Urban and engineering planning

• E-learning

• Mission rehearsal: SWAT teams and first responders

As a professional 3D services provider, we deliver our visual databases and 3D models in most industries’ standard formats. We have profound knowledge in the most-commonly used image generators and real-time publishers. Simply put, B-Design3D is a one-stop shop for 3D content for real-time rendering in any format and image generator you choose.    






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