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B-Design3D Off-Road

Highly detailed 3D environments for ground-level and off-road simulation.

Autonomous vehicle & ADAS Driving Simulation 

Created by B-Design3D for Nvidia. 

IR Sensors Simulation

B-Design3D is a world  leader  in creation of high-fidelity representations of various types of sensors such as infrared, night-vision goggles and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) . Out-the-window terrain databases and 3D vehicles are converted into static and/or dynamic sensor simulations.


Accelerating Development of Autonomous Vehicles Through Simulation in High-Precision Real-World Environments


Paderborn/Minneapolis, 14.02.2023.

dSPACE and B-Design3D have entered into a technical partnership to enable developers of autonomous vehicles to validate sensors and algorithms during virtual test drives in high-precision three-dimensional real-world environments, getting self-driving cars on the road faster.

As part of the collaboration, dSPACE has integrated a new, 3-D urban environment produced by B-Design3D into the latest release of AURELION, dSPACE’s solution for sensor-realistic simulation, allowing the integration of top-grade visualization and cutting-edge, realistic sensors into processes to develop and validate autonomous driving functions.

PR_BDesign3D_cooperation_1920x1080px_230126 v2.jpg

dSpace and B-Design3D enter into technical partnership


NVIDIA DRIVE Sim, Digital Twin 3D Environments Highlighted at GTC21


May 18, 2021

NVIDIA DRIVE Sim took center stage at this year’s GTC 2021 and did so in stunning form. NVIDIA Founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, concluded his keynote with a demonstration of DRIVE Sim, powered by NVIDIA Omniverse, featuring a Mercedes-Benz EQS driving around a digital replica of Stuttgart, Germany. This magnificent 3D drive is the result of a mutual modeling effort made by NVIDIA and B-Design3D Ltd, in which B-Design3D created the highly detailed 3D environment for use in DRIVE Sim.

3D digital twin of the Mercedes Benz factory in Stuttgart, produced with B-Design3D, simulated in NVIDIA DRIVE Sim

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