Featured Projects Demo


Geo-Specific Urban Database

A demo of the geospecific visual database of Sacramento, California. Created by using orthophotos and oblique images. All of the buildings in this visual database are in their accurate locations with regard to footprint, height, and facade and have been captured at the highest realism level available.

Ground Level Simulation

Highly detailed visual databases for ground-level simulation.

100-Km² Drivable City

This video demonstrates a 100-square-kilometer visual database of an urban environment created for driving-simulation systems. All roads in this 3D city are drivable. They consist of highways with multiple lanes, street roads with elevated sidewalks, and narrow paths. All of the roads are suitable for realistic driving and show accurate traffic signage, markings, traffic lights, and so forth. The streets are rich in artifacts that enhance a driver’s feeling of realism and immersion. The textures resolution is extremely high: 1 to 3 centimeters. Despite its size, this drivable visual database was created to facilitate high visual performance of 60 hertz at minimum. This visual database is offered as an off-the-shelf product in several file formats suitable for various kinds of image generators. In addition, the visual database is easily customizable to fit any local street appearances and traffic regulations.