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3D modeling of flight simulation and of airports is one of our first areas of expertise. The VDBs we create are used in military and civilian flight simulation systems, air traffic control training systems, and counter intelligence systems. These models are extremely elaborated and include a highly realistic 3D terrain environment, runways, taxiways, markings, day and night states, signages, navigation aids, lighting systems, vegetation, and detailed terminal buildings, to comply with the FAA’s level D standard.

3D models of airport terminals are used in various kinds of systems and applications such as flight simulators, air traffic control simulators, security forces, airport fire departments, first responders, and command-and-control systems.

Like all visual databases for the Modeling, Training and Simulation industry, a 3D model of an airport is created specifically according to the usage requirements: exterior only or including the interior, generic modeling, typical or geo-specific, and so on. Airport models can be provided as part of a flight visual database or as a separate 3D model (FLT/3DSMAX and similar) for planting in an in-house-made visual database.




Airport terminals are among the biggest and most-complex buildings and structures in the world on both exterior and interior levels. In our portfolio are many terminals we’ve provided for customers in recent years, which were created in different resolutions as detailed previously, according to individual customer specifications.






Terminals Simulation

3D models of Terminals


AirPort Simulation

Terminals Simulation

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